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In December 2003 IUCN admitted the 1000th organization to its unique and ever-growing membership comprising States, government agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Members of IUCN will enjoy benefits such as ability to influence and contribute to decision making on national and global conservation issues, share platforms for discussion of conservation issues, strengthening their credibility and capacity, develop partnerships, access knowledge and expertise on conservation and environmental management.

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IUCN members in Botswana form the IUCN National Committee of Botswana. Click here to see more about the committee. Members in Botswana are:

Government of Botswana represented by the Department of Environmental Affairs
Contact person: Dollina Malepa
Private Bag 0068
Tel: (267) 3902050, Fax: (267) 3902051, envirobotswana@gov.bw http://www.gov.bw/

Birdlife Botswana
Contact: Mr Kabelo Senyatso
P.O. Box 71
Botswana email: blb@birdlifebotswana.org.bw Website: http://www.birdlifebotswana.org.bw/

Chobe Wildlife Trust
Contact: Mr. Machana Shamukuni
P.O. Box 55
Tel: (267) 6250 516, Fax: (267) 6250 223
email: cwt@info.bw Website: http://www.chobewildlifetrust.com/

Conservation International Okavango Programme
P.O. Box 448
Tel: (267) 6860 017, Fax: (267) 6861 798
email: l.sola@conservation.org

Directorate of Research and Development

Contact: Mr. C. Studman
University of Botswana
Private Bag 0022
Botswana Tel: (267) 3552901, Fax: (267) 3957573
email: studman@mopipi.ub.bw

Forestry Association of Botswana

Contact: Ms. L. Motoma
P.O. Box 2088
Gaborone Botswana
Tel/Fax: (267) 3951 660
email: fab@info.bw http://www.envngo.co.bw/

Kalahari Conservation Society

Contact: Mr. Felix Monggae - Chairman of IUCN National Committee of Botswana
P.O. Box 859
Gaborone Tel: (267) 3974 557, Fax: (267) 3914 259
email: ceo@kcs.org.bw
website: http://www.delin.org/kalahari/

Khama Rhino Sanctuary Trust

Contact: The Chief Warden
P.O. Box 10
Serowe Botswana
Tel/Fax: (267) 4630 713
email: krst@botsnet.bw http://www.envngo.co.bw/

Veld Products Research & Development
Contact: Mr. D. Thamae - Secretary of IUCN National Committee of Botswana
P.O. Box 2020
Tel: (267) 3947 047, Fax: (267) 3947 363
email: veldprod@info.bw http://www.envngo.co.bw/


The IUCN National Committee of Botswana was formed by the IUCN members in Botswana in 1998. The Committee was officially recognised by the IUCN Council in November 1998.
The major role of the Committee is to support the work of IUCN members in Botswana.

The IUCN National Committee of Botswana is chaired by Mr. Felix Monggae (CEO of the Kalahari Conservation Society). Mr. Douglas Thamagae (Director of Veld Products Research and Development) is the Committee's Secretary.

For more information about the Committee, please contact the Chairman, Mr. Felix Monggae (CEO of the Kalahari Conservation Society),
tel: (++267) 3974557,
fax: (++267) 3914259,
email: ceo@kcs.org.bw

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